Posted by a on Apr 20th 2024

slings and things update

We finally got word from manufacture that slings are back in stock and on the way to me.

They have made a slight color change to the slings to go from ranger green to a more olive drab green.

sling will be back in stock by next week.

we have started production on galil bipods as well and should see some prototypes within a month for testing!

we have short muzzle brakes in the same design as the original brakes with 8 port holes.

these were used on later production galils like the sar, micro, and imports.

carry handle and retainer sets are in stock.

just back from kalashbash our annual Texas trip.

the shot show of the ak world.

got to see a few new products i thought id share to be on the look out for!

The main one that caught my eye for the original galil platform came from Rs regulate in the form of a killer new handgaurd design.

The way they have it designed it will work with both front and rear og retainers.

They have made it slim enough that you can still run a bipod under it and retain with one of our rear retainers.

Talked about adding heat shields and tension springs as well.

Really excited for that to come to market. 

Iron curtain customs full length/folding hinge picatinny rail for dust cover and gas tube is available through their website now. 

If your going for that retro/modern rifle this handgaurd with that rail system will pair nicely.

For the iwi gen 2 ace crowd, Rs regulate is also working on a sleeker gen 2 handgaurd that looks wicked cool.

All said and done was a great weekend, that i encourage all of you to look into going to kalashbash one year.

Not only is it a great first competition to compete in,

but there are tons of vendors setup doing live fire demonstrations of new products you can test out to see how you like them before purchase.

great people, great environment, all around great event every year. 


appreciate your support and patience!